Friday, 30 November 2012


I’ll be on Radio 4’s ‘Saturday Live’ tomorrow morning, sometime between 9 and 10AM, talking about Richard Madeley, Stan Madeley, comedy and spoofing. I did the interview yesterday afternoon with the wonderfully funny JP Devlin in the familiar surroundings of Nero, Warrington, so although it’s my first radio interview, I was probably more relaxed than I would have been sitting in a studio in Manchester or Liverpool. That much said, I’ll be hiding throughout the show, mainly because I'll probably come across as a babbling idiot but also because Richard Madeley will also be in the studio and responding to my last few years pretending to be him. After the show, I’ll be changing my name, my sex, my fingerprints, and my shoe size, and moving to Paris where I’ll be Mrs. Gloriana Sparburst dancing nightly in an erotic revue. Regular punters here just ask at the door for Lulu and I’ll give you a free dance.