Saturday, 29 December 2012

A New Blog About Plywood Sex

Just an update to say that there’s a new blog in town and today it's dealing with the very interesting matter of plywood fetishes. That's right: my very close friend and chief plywood fetishist, Mr. Stan Madeley, has just emailed me to say that he has returned to the blogging stage with his brand new, never before seen, morally questionable, highly enlightening blog called ‘Stan Madeley’s Dead Letter Box’.


The blog contains a collection of letters that Stan has written over the years which never made it into book form, primarily because he never received a reply. However, as with most spoof letters, you read them for the original letters, not the dull replies which usually amount to a ‘no thank you’ or worse. So, please head on over and follow Stan daily. He reckons he has enough letters to print one a day for well over a year, so the blog should be around for a while providing he can find readers and get that arts grant funding he’s been after all these years…

As for me, I'm just busy rehashing old ideas until I come up with something new.