Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Mitt Romney Puppet

After my previous attempt at doing David Cameron's voice (see below), I wanted a break from the voice acting. Besides, this was just meant to be a simple test of some rigging techniques that I had hoped would speed up my workflow. The main problem I have is with rigging a puppet once it’s been modeled and painted. One of the shortcuts I’m trying is to reuse hands – always the trickiest part to rebuild. I’ve now created some hands with controls that I can easily manipulate to move individual fingers. I’ve used them on about three animations with increasing success. The only problem is that I had no idea how to connect them to the rest of the model when, in this instance, the character has his sleeves rolled up. I tried hand with attached forearms but that didn’t work despite numerous attempts over the weekend. In the end, I’ve created separate forearms and stuck the hands on the end of the arm, leaving an unsightly join. I think I’ll have to think of a better way – perhaps making the whole arm separate putting the join at the shoulder where it’s less noticeable.

I’m also getting to the point where I think I should try something a little more ambitious and make a proper short animation. The only problem is that I’m completely at a loss as to what I should try. My main interest is satire but anything I make with a satirical edge will probably be out of date by the time it’s made…


  1. What you should do is go all Minority Report and then it won't be out of date :)

    Brilliant animation too. Getting better and better and better.

  2. Actually I feel frauded - the water and grass isn't moving... :O)

  3. Bloody hell. You can see how none of this was thought through. I did wonder about putting Mitt into a whole setting but it wasn't worth the effort and increased rendering time.

    I am trying to come up with something what won't age but I'm beginning to realise that it will need a proper process of writing and storyboarding rather than the off-the-cuff stuff I'm producing at the moment. Plus, of course, I still have problem with having to do all the voice acting myself which limits my scope.

  4. Good stuff.
    As FeintZebra says, getting better and better and better.

    More power to your, and your animations' elbows!

  5. Many thanks Beau. Really appreciate it. ;o)