Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Stop the world etc.

First of all, just to keep up with the moronic zeitgeist, I thought I better post this video. It might well be the most nauseating thing I’ve seen this year. And when you consider some of the nauseating things I’ve seen this year, that’s a real tribute to how truly horrendous it is. And I don’t give a crap about postmodern irony or being in on the joke. My gag reflex doesn’t recognise postmodern.

I’ve said it before but that doesn’t stop me wanting to say it again: I guess I’m just not one of life’s ‘nice’ people. That’s why The Guardian’s current fixation on Jack Monroe (and porn and privacy and Russell Brand and internet memes) is wearing me down like The Times’ obsession with Caitlin Moran wore me down to the point where I stopped reading that paper. I’m still looking for something better to read than The Guardian but it keeps returning to my good books by publishing something immensely good alongside the drivel that passes for ‘Comment is Free’ most days. I guess I’m getting resigned to the fact that the world out there just doesn’t really reflect the interests in here (points to forehead).

Apropos of nothing: I wish Google would hurry up and send me the magic piece of paper which authorises my Google account so I can access AdWords and then the Play store. My app is so finished that I’ve even gone to the trouble of adding ‘skinning’ options which are alternative sets of graphics to change the look of the entire thing.

More apropos: I’ve developed a severe addiction to ‘Fish ‘n’ chips’, the classic nibble from Burton’s biscuits. They call it a taste of childhood but I say it’s the perfect treat when I’m sitting rewatching the first series of ‘Prison Break’. Speaking of which, I keep a shortlist of actors who I think should really have made it big by now and Robert Knepper is still top of that list. Wish somebody would cast him in something truly heavyweight and let him truly flex his acting muscle. He should try lip syncing to Disney. Perhaps that's the only guaranteed way to success these days...

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