Friday, 20 June 2014

The Great World Cup Meh...

Gratified to see England lose last night, though I take little pleasure in saying that. I love watching England matches but Hodgeson is the wrong man. Since he's been in charge, my indifference to international football has become total. He's doing with England what he managed to do with Liverpool: turn a talented team into plodders. This morning he claims he won't resign even if England fail to leave the group stages for the first time since, I believe, 1958. That's the corporate mentality that the FA wanted and I'm sure they're delighted to see it. Stick in their for your gold clock, Roy...

My lack of World Cup fever means I have more energy to devote to the game. Everything feels like it's become more imminent. I've had a surprising number of responses to my request for Beta testers and I now realise that I'll be having strangers look at my work. It makes me desperate to get it looking better than it is. I spent yesteray building a tutorial system which I hope will help people understand the basics of the thing I've created. I also recorded better music (I've sorted out the problem with my microphone).

Yet the harder I work, the more things need fixing. Introducing the tutorial system yesterday caused yet more problems I have to fix before the beta version can go out. I've taken an approach that overlays instructions on the screen whilst pausing the action in the background. However, touching the tutorial screen also interacts with the background controls, so I've got to go through and place conditional checks on every control to ensure they're disabled when a tutorial screen is showing. It's the kind of thing you don't notice when playing a game and you might imagine takes little time. The truth is that most of my time is spent spotting and fixing this kind of problem.

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