Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Did somebody forget about Sir Barry Humphries?

So it's confirmed. It's going to be Sir Lenny Henry.

Oh, give me a break! If Henry is worthy of a knighthood then I guess the Chuckle Brothers get peerages.

Seriously: the worst comedian in the UK gets one of the highest honours? Put that into context: Armando Iannucci has an OBE but Lenny Henry will soon have a knighthood. The man who brought us 'The Thick of It' and 'Alan Partridge' is less acclaimed by the (supposed) nation than quite possibly the most derisible comedian we've seen since the heyday of crap comedians back in the 1970s.

What about the truly great comedians we have eligible for that award? Barry Humphries only got a CBE in 2007 when he deserves a hell of a lot more. I mean: it's BARRY HUMPHRIES, for Christ's sake!

Poor Spike Milligan (one of our truly great comedians) had to hit 82 before they knighted him. And what about the Pythons? Any one of them is more worthy, though I hear that Cleese once turned down a peerage. What about making Terry Gilliam a 'Sir' for services to cinema, comedy and the general state of the nation's mental health?

I won't be calling Lenny Henry a 'sir' any time soon. It's almost as ridiculous as 'Dame' Joan Collins.

It reminds me why I'm really glad to have quit public blogging. The British public clearly have different tastes to me.

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