Tuesday, 10 July 2012

More Finger

It’s never a good start to the day waking up singing ‘choo choo choo doo doo doo The Trainline choo choo choo etc…’ However, I’ve managed to cut through the nauseating feeling of chipperness that this jingle induces to upload the results of yesterday’s work. It’s nothing impressive and anybody with experience of this sort of thing will recognize its sheer amateurishness, but I’m happy to have finally figured out a workflow that can take me from idea, to model creation, rigging, animation and then video editing. Now the hard work start trying to create some 3D models of humans I might be able to use…


  1. Meh... It's easy when you know how. The difficult part was figuring out how easy it was... In the end, you could write instructions on the back of an envelope. Just wish somebody had written them down that was four days ago.

  2. Well make sure you write the instructions down for future generations.

  3. I nearly said that I'd do that and then I thought... Sod them. I had to figure it out...

    But, that said, perhaps I will.