Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Other Side of Retopology

Two days later and I think I’ve cracked it. I created the model on the left, not quite sure what I was doing but, now it’s retopologised into the monstrosity on the right, I have an idea I’d like to try should I figure out the animation stage. However, the big achievement for me is that I’ve successful retopologised a mesh. I struggled because of a combination of trying to make life too easy (wasting an afternoon on automatic retopology tools) and too difficult (making the polygons I was drawing too small). In the end, I did it all by hand and made slightly larger polygons. The result is okay, I figure, but I won’t be showing it to any professionals.

The next stage is to extract the different maps – basically the texture, colour, bumpiness of the original model – and then take the whole lot into something like Blender to see if I can start animating the retopologised mesh. My big challenge is to get the lips moving. I have an idea how it’s done but when I tried previously, the PC threw a fit. With a much smaller mesh, I hope to have more success.


  1. Not really. It's more smugness mixed with a bit of self-satisfaction. But don't worry. None of this will work and if it does it will hardly be worth it in the long run... ;)