Friday, 24 May 2013

To The Person Searching For 3D Pornography

To one strange yet rather pitiful pervert who visited the blog yesterday…

I’ve just read through my web statistics so I’m only just catching up on what’s new and depraved in the world of online freak sex but you were definately the first wrist athlete to view this blog on a Nintendo device looking for ‘3d pornography for the 3DS’!

Don’t think I’m not disappointed that I couldn’t provide you some. Damn! Nothing gives me greater pleasure than knowing that somebody is visiting my blog for the purposes of self-abuse but this 3DS porn development flew Dambusters-low under my radar. Wouldn’t you think that this is the sort of thing that Nintendo would include in their publicity?

So, just for you, I’m today launching my own range of 3D pornography viewable on suitable devices. Viewed on a 3DS, the following picture will pop out of the screen in its erotic glory. Hey, have fun! Go crazy until your knuckles turn blue. I’m not going to look… Sheesh!

3d porn for the 3ds

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