Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Republicans, Star Wars & Biscuits

Over at TW&TW I'm talking about the Republican debate.  It's also why I'm struggling to work. It's only six o'clock and I usually work until 7, have a few hours rest and then write into the early hours. Feels like I could go to bed now. Staying up until 4am was not the sensible way of watching the debate but there's something about live political events that I can't resist.

I have written and polished about 2000 words today, the article I've just linked to and something for elsewhere (I hope). Next I'm tempted to write about Cameron and Corbyn at PMQs today. Seemed a nasty little session and there's much I'd like to write. However, dimly aware of Christmas looming. I've not done a thing about it and I've not even drawn a card this year. Not sure if I will. I've managed to de-Christmas myself more and more each year and this year I just look on it as a normal week, albeit when nobody will be in contact. I could get lots written. Perhaps I should put it to some good use and write something long. I don't know... I'm tired. I can only manage vague thoughts tonight.

Writing long pieces every day, either for TW&TW why or elsewhere, is such fun but it feels utterly rotten when you know that nobody else seems to care what you've written. Sometimes I feel like I'm just too prolific but I find it hard not to write. I like feedback, emails from strangers. So rare it happens. I think it's a sign of people's essential indifference to anything and everything. Only when I was writing as Dick Madeley did they really care what I said. I could have written anything and they'd have crawled over glass to speak to me. As myself, even my best is rarely good enough. An odd thing about people, once you realise it, or perhaps just an odd thing with Richard Madeley fans.

I'd love to see the new Star Wars movie, mainly to avoid some bugger spoiling it for me. I suspect some prat like Jonathan Ross will pop up on TV and give the game away. Not sure I'll be able to last until it appears on DVD but, at the same time, not sure about the cinema. I understand it's damn pricey.

Part of always doesn't want to see the new Star Wars movie. I feel like I'm being sold something I don't want to buy. I guess I'm just suspicious of Disney. This is nostalgia harvesting and I'm sure I don't want to be part of it.

Then I see Harrison Ford interviewed on Sky News. Maybe I do want to see it. I want to see the new Blade Runner too, though I doubt if Scott could pull it off again. Part of Blade Runner's brilliance is that it is flawed and the technical difficulties make it what it is. I suppose it's a bit like Jaws, in that the lousy mechanical shark made the film better because Spielberg had to adapt...

Hmm... I enjoy writing like this straight into the blog. The pleasure of the ramble...

The women in Tesco were wearing antlers today. Not sure if I consider that a perk of the job or a public humiliation. I was tempted to say something like, 'you want to have a doctor look at that' but I expect they hear that all day long. Like that episode of the Simpsons when he visits a car show and says to the model standing there 'do you come with the car' and she laughs like she's never heard it before. Then somebody else walks up and asks the same thing and she laughs identically to before...

The family across the road have decorated their house with white fairy lights. They have them blinking at something like 10hz. Every time I open the curtains or step outside I feel like it's enough to induce a fit. Why do people do that? It's not as though they can see it themselves? Not sure it's not an aggressive act and I shouldn't respond.

Why do people only eat tiny cheeses at Christmas? I love tiny cheeses and would love to eat them all year around.

I did buy a Christmas box of biscuits today but realised only too late that they're normal biscuits but in a tin. I think I've been tricked into buying a large tin.


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