Thursday, 24 December 2015

Unpublishing the popular

Is it okay to unpublish a blog post you wrote years ago when you were feeling pretty down?

I personally don't think it is. I largely write this blog (when I remember and/or have time) because it's a place where I can be open about my feelings. Yet, sometimes, I think I come across as looking bitter or cynical. I'm not, or, at least, I'm not always bitter and cynical but I have both qualities within me like I expect everybody has it within themselves to rage against the world on occasion.

The blog post I wish I could unpublish is one I wrote about Private Eye. I've not bothered sending cartoons to Private Eye in a very long time but I feel slightly embarrassed that people (often successful cartoonists) leave comments having read some invective I wrote when in some particularly dismal frame of mind.

A second blog post I'd like to unpublish is about sand dogs. Last week, the story was picked up by a website which was itself picked off by a few local newspapers, who seemed to adapt the story word for word. Last night the hits peaked again. That story has now been picked up by the Daily Mail who even quote me. I am now an authority on sand dogs based on one very casually written blog post I thought nobody would care to read.

In January I'll have blogged for 10 years and I'm known for only three things: how to unblock Rotring pens, a moaning blog post about my inability to get cartoons into Private Eye, and a post about sand dogs. Not one of these I would consider my 'best moment'. Sadly, all my 'best moments are largely unread, including my book.



  1. I continue to enjoy your slightly off-the-wall view of the world, and am sorry so few others give you appropriate acknowledgement.

    Anyhoo... and I know you will hate me for this, but enjoy your Christmas, and let us pray for a more prosperous New Year.

  2. Always grateful that you read, RR. I don't hate you for that at all! Have a great Christmas and I'll hope (but not pray) for a prosperous New Year for all of us! ;)