Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Council Business

I often wonder how many of you actually read the day’s entire blog. I’m not saying I’m blessed with hundreds of people reading but I do know that I can count regular readers on one hand, sometimes even two. That’s one finger per hugely intelligent and divinely blessed individual with the good sense to have bookmarked this blog.

And bookmarking is definitely the way to go. I wouldn’t like to think that anybody visits via a link on another blog that only takes them to the latest post when I’ve actually written two other posts today (this and this) , one of which (this) was the day’s proper blog post.

This post, for example, is just an update to say that there’s more civic news from Counciller Barry Prunefield over at The Pangolin. Today he’s discussing council bin collections. Any similarity between Barry’s views and my own are mere coincidental. Any similarity between Barry and other council officials is also a coincidence. Sadly, he doesn't make the following observation which I've just made whilst standing in my slippers in the rain: why do the bin men only arrive at 4pm in the afternoon when you put out your bins at 11pm the previous night? And why when you forgot to put out your bins the previous night do you only remember to put them out when you hear then go flying past on their wagon at 7am?

In other news: it’s raining, The Spectator still haven’t rang about the cartoon competition, and I fear that another cartoon opportunity has passed me by. However, in good news: I have underwear in the wash and tomorrow my loins will smell like Lenor lilacs.

Finally, a message to St Helens Council and our council leader, Barrie Grunewald, regarding their advice to now put cardboard in our black boxes instead of our now largely empty green wheelie bins: you are idiots!


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