Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Worst Blog Post Ever

It disappoints me when I don’t blog. I didn’t want to miss another day for precisely that reason. I had a hellish weekend and it annoys me that I’ve not drawn a gag cartoon in nearly two weeks. Monday and Tuesday, I was busy/distracted/worn out by a variety of jobs that needed doing. I had people to see, places to go, and blogs I didn’t have time to write. In my various travels, I did get to hold the new Samsung Note 10.1 (2014 edition) and it was a beautiful as I thought it would be. Somewhat annoyingly, had I waited, various offers might have made it less than the price of my current tablet.

In other news: lost a spoke on my bike and it’s next to impossible to find a place to replace it at a decent price. Can’t do it myself because spokes have to be right length, down the millimetre.

Still no word about cartoon competitions. I guess it has been announced. I’m not looking and I have to stop even mentioning them.

The only positive is that I’ve managed to make a little progress on my promotional video.

Okay, this was definitely my worst blog post ever. I’ll try to do better tomorrow. Meanwhile, here are some strange shots I took after I discovered the panoramic function of my phone. For some of these, I Just held the camera to the window as the train moved and the camera did its magic. I think they came out looking surprisingly reasonable.


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  1. If you take the wheel in to a repair shop and say I want to buy some spokes for this wheel , they will measure it for you, I've done this a few times only cost a few pounds for the spokes, saying that when one spoke goes more will probably follow, might work out cheaper to get a new wheel, I just recently shelled out for a new back wheel only cost me 26 quid

  2. Thanks Sam and sorry for the delay in replying. I thought I posted a comment last night but it seems to have disappeared into the black hole of late night comments.

    I did as you suggested today and I was quoted £10 plus the price of the spokes. I'll do that when I have time to leave it with them. I've only lost one and I'm hoping to get by on that for a while. Halfords quoted me £45 for a new back wheel, so knowing I can get them for nearly half that puts my mind at ease. Running my damn bike has cost me nearly £14 in maintenance over the last three years. It's shocking! ;)

  3. Bikes are fantastic, cheap to run, fast enough to get places, slow enough to see things, and women always look beautiful when riding them.