Thursday, 18 February 2016

Bananas, Politics, and Samsung Monitors

Over at TW&TW I'm talking about the EU referendum and bananas. To summarise: I have no bloody idea which way to vote and, when I do, it will be based largely on ignorance and gut instincts. The below graphic, incidentally, is probably my favourite of all the David Camerons I've drawn.

Meanwhile, over at CapX, I've been talking about the struggle the Republicans now face with Obama's nomination for the Supreme Court. Yet again, it proves how much more interesting American politics are to the anodyne version we have here in the UK.

Meanwhile in the non-virtual world: I need to get some of my recent cartoons finished. Because I've been drawing them for myself, they've not been getting finished. Next few days I think I'll make that a priority.

At some point I also have to think about doing something about this dreadful monitor of mine. I say it's dreadful now but it's been a great monitor. It's a Samsung SyncMaster 226BW but it's now approaching 10 years old. It has already died once but I fixed it by replacing its capacitors, the only time I've ever breathed live back into a piece of hardware through a soldering iron. That was a few years ago so the capacitors must be doing a good job but perhaps too good a job. I should have replaced this monitor before now. Its colour gamut is way off meaning that how I see my cartoons is very different to how other people see them. They perhaps think I'm colour blind or like extremely strong colours. I don't. It's just that this monitor makes everything duller, darker, and less vibrant. It also doesn't make for a good writing environment and I'm sure it can't be good for my eyes. Need to replace it but not sure if I can afford to. I could do with somebody from Acer or iiyama offering send me a 27 incher to review but I never get any offers to review things or when I do it's always something lousy such as thermal socks. Somebody emailed me recently asking to send me thermal socks and when I said 'please do' I never heard from them again. My feet have been cold all winter too. Damn marketing people waste so much of my time. Every day I have half a dozen of the buggers slip through my spam filters to tell me about a bloody gallery opening or a new restaurant in London. I often reply in a slightly sarcastic way but they never respond. Sometimes I wonder if they're really even people.

I'm rambling when I should really be working.


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