Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Crashes, articles & a reasonable phobia of @MartinRowson

The blog's server's been crashing nearly every sodding day recently and I've struggled to figure out the problem. I think it's something to do with the memory but I really haven't had the time to work on it. So, instead, I reboot knowing that the site sometimes goes hours without it being available. I did a system restore last week which means that a few things disappeared, so this post is a ramble plus a few of my newest cartoons and links to articles I've had published elsewhere.

In other news: heading off to Manchester on Thursday to attend a Martin Rowson cartoon workshop, which is beginning to worry me. Love Rowson's work and love his attitude. I bought a ticket thinking it would be a case of turning up and laughing. Now I might have to work, it all seems high pressure. Cue dreams in which I see Rowson looming over me shouting 'fuckwit' whilst stabbing me with a quill because I dare be digital-only. Determined not to wimp out, though my day out comes wedged between two outings as I take various people to hospitals. I will try to use my time wisely and get something written/drawn.

Not many highlights of the past month. Fell off my bike twice. Had one article in the list below retweeted by Richard Dawkins. Jeb Bush stopped wearing his glasses about a day after CapX published my article in which I suggested that Jeb Bush should stop wearing his glasses.

Had an idea of a book I'd like to write about American politics but don't have the time. It occurred to me that in the past six months, I've written about 70 articles, all of which have been 1000+. That's the length of a book. I know the words are in me. Just have to find time to make them book shaped.

Anyway: some of my recent prose.

What just happened in Iowa? at TW&TW.

Swastika-shaped thinking at TW&TW

Will Trump trump Kelly or Kelly trump Trump? at TW&TW.

Don't write off President Bloomberg at CapX.

Praising Ameritude at TW&TW.

The Remarkable Soundscape of Sarah Louise Palin at TW&TW.

It's the Stupidity, Stupid: Why Jeb Bush is fighting the wrong fight at CapX.

Why does American celebrate the best while Britain celebrates the brash? at CapX.

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