Monday, 23 September 2013

Postage and Toys

I hate missing a day because I know what happens. You think you can miss blogging for one day but then two days become three and then you’ve missed an entire week before you decide to make it a month.

I’ve written nothing of note today. Drawn nothing. My main achievement was posting off my graphic short story, though that didn’t go as I’d hoped. I wanted to track my envelope to make sure it arrives in London before Friday but it was £6 for the cheapest tracked mail option, £2 to send it recorded. Not a difficult choice to make but I’ll be filled with anxiety that my entry won’t make it on time. Not that I suppose I’ll know if it did… The winner is being announced in October but my nasty little scribble won’t even make the shortlist.

I’m just exhausted. I tried to work this afternoon, tried to string my thoughts into a cohesive whole, but I just couldn’t join the dots. Nothing connected. I’m still disappointed that Samsung never replied. Disappointed that there’s still no launch date for the Note 10.1 (2014 Edition). Disappointed that a work opportunity has still not come to fruition and that my slim chance of having enough to buy a Note gets slimmer by the day. I’m disappointed that The Guardian gave Stewart Lee a bad review and I didn’t have the energy to pen a defence. Most of all, I’m disappointed that this is going to be my day’s blog post. I can do better than this…

So in lieu of a really good blog post, here’s a link to a Youtube video which I found myself watching last night and couldn’t stop watching. It’s probably why I’m so tired today. This is one of series of videos about unusual toys and novelties made by Grand Illusions and are really one of the best things I've found on the web in a very long time. I have to warn you that once you start watching these, it’s hard to stop.


  1. SWINE! Now I must have one! But they want money, so I'll have to wait a while.

    As for writing, I am trying to assemble all the parts of a novel I finished in 2005 and forgot about. I swear it took less time to write the bits than to put it together, even with passing it backwards and forwards with a co-author like a game ofr postal chess. I really shouldn't make them so damn complicated.

    Then again, if I had done this in 2006 when I still remembered the story, it would probably have been a lot easier.

  2. Surely you wanted one of these long before I started to obsess over a 10.1 inch tablet with Wacom stylus technology and Sketchbook Pro installed... Know what you mean about their asking money. It's a cruel game they play. They still haven't announced a price so I don't even know how much I can't afford...

    Yes, bad idea leaving a book unfinished. I looked at the 80,000 words of my novel yesterday, thinking my next project might be to finish it but I can't see the point. Agents and publishers wouldn't be interested. My time is better spent drawing cartoons for magazines that aren't interested. ;)