Friday, 27 September 2013

Server Upgrade

Just a brief note to say that the extremely good and tolerant people at Nativespace are upgrading their servers and that my blog will be moving to a new virtual home. In the process, the site might disappear. I’m not entirely sure when all this will happen (sometime at night, I’m told) but when it does, you might get error messages saying this blog doesn’t exist. I hope you’ll remember to come back and visit even if these messages carry on for a day, possibly even two or three. By then, I might have actually finished some of the countless cartoons on my table or even received a Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition) to review…


  1. Not quite sure what you're on about old chap. Seems you're going to be invisible for a while and, at the same time, you may temporarily cease to exist for three days or so after which you will rise again. Have you got a Messiah complex?
    Not sent from my Samsung Galaxy SIII mini.
    Sent from my 5 yr old laptop which is on its last legs and would really benefit from being upgraded should the Emir come through for you.

  2. Your structuralist analysis of my words puts an interesting spin on things. Yes, I did sound a bit biblical back there despite my doing everything I can to disguse my real Messiah complex. Now there's a thought for you. Perhaps if Christ did come back, he'd be a blogger read by very few, though I'm not sure the next Testament would resemble this blog with quite so many cartoon buttocks. Or perhaps it would.

    As for the server upgrade, I'm reliably informed that tonight is the night. It's all crept up on me, I'm afraid, but I welcome the break to refocus my energy. If the Emir does come through, I'll certainly see about the laptop but he's been worryingly quiet this week. Perhaps he's having his servers upgraded ahead of doling out all the cash he's promised us.