Sunday, 6 October 2013

A Body Building Cartoon

You find me hot and sweary. I’ve lost my bloody S-Pen again and I now see that I have to do something about this habit before it becomes a regular part of my working week. I’ve had the Note for six days and I’ve already lost the pen twice, which means that I’ve now used up all the time I usually give myself to tidy my office each year. This can’t go on. At this rate, I’ll have the tidiest workspace in the country but I won’t be getting any work done.

It’s already Sunday and I have work backing up and what is sure to be a horrible week ahead. Tuesday I’m going to the dentist for a much delayed check-up, although that’s not strictly true. ‘Check-up’ makes it sound like I might need no work but who chooses to spend £50 on a check-up and inevitable polish if they don’t need to? A bit of a back tooth came away last week and I know it will mean work. Probably lots of work. My tongue tells me it’s a cavity the size of a small bungalow. I imagine crowns, extractions, months of appointments stretching ahead into the New Year. By the time it’s all done, in six-months, it’ll be time to start getting phone calls from the dentists asking me to make an appointment for a check-up. If they didn’t pester me so much, I’d probably go more often.

Once I’m beyond the horror of Tuesday morning, I need to get working. I have real work to get on with, two cartoon strips need to be finished for a football fanzine, plus I need to settle on which of my unpublished cartoons I’m entering into a competition. Since I don’t think I’ve got one good enough to send, that also means more drawing. In the meantime, I’d throwing today’s cartoon out there in the realisation that nobody would want this kind of thing. My problem is that the cartoons I like aren’t cartoons that other people like, or, specifically, cartoons they’d be willing to pay for.

But I could moan on about that for another 1000 words but it’s not getting my S-Pen found. And I have to find it before I also lose my spare…

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