Thursday, 3 October 2013

Doodling: An Adventure in Video

The thought of doing this fills me with horror but here goes… I doodled the following cartoon last night using the Samsung Note and I recorded the whole process which I’ve subsequently sped up and narrated. Yes, that's right: narrated. And it’s as bad as that sounds. In fact, it’s as bad as I sound. I’ve never heard my voice played back like this and I’m horrified to discover that I sound like some character from a bad BBC adaptation of an Elizabeth Gaskell novel about poverty in Lancashire mining towns. I should really be sporting sideburns and wearing a tall stove hat. I also sound like I have a cold: too damn nasal and I sniff too often. , I also ramble. The finished cartoon is just one of those things I normally wouldn't post and belongs buried in a drawer. However, it exists and it's original web content and that's the stuff that can fill a blog for a day.

Anyway, if any of you actually enjoys this and can stand listening to my nasal whine, I might do others. Tell me what you think. Despite it being real freakshow material, it was also lots of fun.


  1. Excellent, I enjoyed watching it!

    I thought the earlier iteration of the woman's face was better than the final tho....

  2. Ah, a very sincere thank you! One viewer ensures that it wasn't a complete waste of time and I had such qualms about posting something like this. ;)

    You might have a point about the face but these things are subjective. I had a person in mind whose face has always fascinated me because she looks like a bull terrier and wanted to draw that. Of course, the head was too small when I drew the earlier face so I did need to delete it.

    And thank you for not mention my sniffing, snorting, and general northerness. ;)

  3. I was surprised by your accent early on (I hadn't imagined you with one) but by the end I didn't notice it...

    The tank-pram should have had a turret or gun tho! ;)

  4. The strange thing is that I was surprised by my accent. I really didn't imagine I had one or, at least, not that strong. I sound like a cast member of a new Wallace & Gromit movie...

  5. Arbico Computers8 October 2013 at 06:55

    Superb! I enjoyed watching it!

  6. Hmm... Real comment or SPAM? I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and thank you...

  7. On second thoughts, I think it's SPAM... I'm so gullible!