Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Back Soon

[singlepic id=65 w=600 h=450 float=center]

I will take some small crumb of comfort knowing that this cartoon goes live just as I sit down in that damn chair.

As it says, back soon...


  1. Ouch.
    Good luck.

    PS: Get an NHS dentist.

  2. Yes, very ouch.

    I do have an NHS dentist but it still cost me £30, which in my world is big money. ;(

  3. Thanks. I'm back. It was horrible. ;)

  4. Oh no. Was it really that bad?

    That book you are recommending looks very good. I'm thinking of getting it. :-)

  5. Wasn’t really really bad but wasn’t very pleasant…

    Ah, it’s a mighty fine and funny book, written by a guy who really needs a break. You should buy a copy. Buy two and give a copy to a friend. :)

  6. This frame certainly struck a nerve with me, I was blessed with a british smile :mangledteethsmiley:

    I'm glad to see you've had some treatment for your malaise, and now all is well..
    ..as for me, lots of x-rays, lots of pounds, little treatment.

    Micro-Sieverts?? If exposure is accumulative i'm probably in the 'picnic at Fukushima' level.. Come to think of it i've been affect radio for quite some time, and i have a high resistance to electrical shock.

    Maybe i have some untapped superpowers after all.. :)

    God bless the NHS!

  7. That's the spirit, Biscuit. Show off those British gnashers and spare us any blushes. I'm sure they're teeth to make an empire proud. In fact, looking at the icon beside your name, they look like a fine set of enamels.

    I had one deep feeling done but it wasn't fun, especially when a certain clod-hopping fool started to walk around (we were in an upper room) and the floor started to bounce, the dentist's drill started to bounce and started to bounce around the insides of my tooth.

    Apparently I've not been brushing far enough back and this had caused a cavity. My question to the dentist was 'how far back should I really be brushing and wouldn't it be easier to come in via an ear?'

  8. Ah, keyhole toothbrushing kits... It could catch on.. :D

  9. Ah, that reminds me of a cartoon I drew a long time ago when I started, back in the days when I didn't use ink and did everything on the computer. It's not very good but I think it's a proof of concept about this going in via the ear method.

  10. :)

    Talking of being reminded of a cartoon that you have drawn, last night as I retired to the penthouse suite of 'Biscuit Towers', I made my customary sojourn to the en suite and olympic swimming pool complex, to make good and effect repairs to myself after another gruelling day of achieving less than i would've hoped.

    Looking into the mirror, shirt cuffs open, top button undone and the second from top button missing through a near miss with a slightly drunk middle aged 'Lady'.. I contemplated my own sobriety, at this point absolute and total (One for the history books that..) and stretched..

    Oh god.. I thought. It's Richard Madeley!

  11. Ah, Biscuit, that's dangerous business, thinking you're Richard Madeley. My friend Stan (whose book I'm promoting to the right and recommend most highly) suffers from the same problem. As I recommend to him, you need to dose yourself up on a strong course of Alan Titchmarsh with some Philip Schofield just before bed. It's terrible medicine but I hear that it helps.

  12. I fear that a dose of Titchmarsh may make me too randy and cause me to rekindle my long standing working relationship with Mills and Boon, and a treatment with 'Condensed Schofield' may inbibe me with eternal life..

    I do not wish that visitation upon this good earth.

    Perhaps a warm Forsythe poultice, and continuing lumbago will be enough to prevent me going headlong into a full 'Madeley Criticality Event'.