Friday, 15 April 2011

Margate’s New Gallery Celebrates Opening With Tracey Emin Goose Installation

[singlepic id=73 w=600 h=450 float=center]

Margate’s new £17.5 million gallery of contemporary art was opened today by artist Tracy Emin who provided the gallery with its newest installation as she strangled a live goose on the steps. Watched by civic dignitaries, Emin explained how the goose’s struggle was symbolic of the creative act of getting up in the afternoon, scratching yourself, randomly doing something, and then presenting the result to a gallery for a nice slice of Art Council funding. The goose will now be attached to a fifteen metre rubber hosepipe and installed the main hall where visitors will be encouraged to play it like a bugle.

‘This is going to be on the country’s best galleries so I was delighted to be on hand to strangle this goose and to turn it into a rubberised bugle,’ said Emin.

Animal rights campaigners did not mar the event after being assured that it was only a metaphorical goose strangulation being used for the purposes of lowbrow satire.


  1. Your picture, intentional or not, suggests that she is installing the goose somewhere the sun doesn't shine :)

  2. Oh, and one thing thats been bugging me...

    The Feint Zebra It’s an anagram

    A Feint Zebra is the anagram :p

    And a very happy birthday to him too. Did you see the pictures of him crying at the service yesterday? What. A. Man.

  3. Doesn't it look like that Tracey is SHAGGING the goose rather than strangling it? Just asking....

  4. Inspired work - a fitting tribute to her homeland. I look forward to the annual addition of future geese, creating a vast goose organ for young visitors to operate.

  5. I'm afraid Neville that this strikes me as being a little like those Rorschach tests when a person is subjected to arbitrary patterns into which they see their own neuroses. Were you perhaps bitten by a goose (or even Tracy Emin) as a child that might account for this latent desire you have to sleep with every goose you see?

  6. Jerry, as ever, you leave me ruing that I didn't spot this myself. A vast goose organ would be the natural extension of this technology and the perfect end to the piece. As it is, I just have my goose bugle and pitiful it now looks.

  7. I will go and fix this immediately.

    Yes, did see him crying and I still want him as our manager...

  8. Symbolic of my struggle for sanity.