Friday, 1 April 2011

The Parable of the Ass

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  1. That sir, if you dont mind me saying, is your best yet.

  2. Is it? Kind of you to say to. Worked until 4AM to get it finished and posted.

  3. And worth the work it was too. Such a shame people aren't looking...

  4. Welcome to my world. I have quite a few regular visitors, just no comments, no emails, no feedback... It was pretty much like this the first time I did this blog. It's why I eventually went over to private blogging, just for friends... Beginning to think that was a good move. ;)

  5. h yes. The private blogging where only four or five people bother to comment also...

    Get over it.

  6. You miss my point but I also see your point. ;)

  7. And yes, we're both in a foul mood because Hodgson's team won.

  8. Ill not be gettin over that any time soon :(

  9. What am I?!!! Not sure what that icon is but it has to go!

  10. How about this one? I can change the icons that are generated from your email address and I don't like those random things that look like lace doylies. ;)

  11. This one is a bit better but looks nothing like me in real life. What it really needs is a top hat. :-)

  12. It's computer generated. If you want your own picture you need to upload it to the

    Then, whenever you use your email on a website, you chosen picture will appear.

  13. You may think that few are looking, but you know, you may well be mistaken. (then again you're probably quite aware as to the numbers because i suspect that you clearly can count, and something keeps tabs on this for you)

    I have been trawling through a few of your (read for that a lot) of your nuggets and i agree with your first poster, this is brilliant. I recommend an air drop over a large swathe of America, it might do a small amount of good. Sadly, i'm in no such position!
    My load carrying capacity is diminished, and the ability to fly, along with any other super powers did not appear in my families' genetic make up by 1976.. I cruelly missed the cut.

    But! Please bear in mind i'm probably as pissed as arseholes, aswell as being pissed at arseholes so my counsel probably carries less weight that my stupefied brian currently believes.

    Even so, superb work, in all honesty.

    Carry on the spine! As mine is bost.. :)

    Blame the devil for my web insurgency.. ;)

  14. Mr Biscuit, you might ave been 'as pissed as arseholes' but your comment cheered me up enormously. Of course I'll carry on, though this weekend I find myself stuck with other work. Rest assured, Biscuit, that come Monday morning, I'll read this comment again and your sozzled wisdom will spur me on. Many thanks. ;)

  15. There's now two people in this world that think I've said something correct :)

  16. There has been much speculation over the years as to what kind of biscuit i represent, or what biscuit represents me most accurately..

    I'm not sure that there is any solid foundation, or indeed a single crumb of truth in this burgeoning pseudoscience of "Biscuitology".

    I'm sure there may well be a sociologist or psycho analyst out there who puts some stock in a man's choice of crunchy companion, and the things it can reveal about the muncher. I personally feel that the Nobel prize for science will likely elude these people for some time yet.

    Yet, for fun, let's have a look at some of the selection put forward as potential candidates..

    The Hobnob, a mighty confection.. Ellicits a sense of Wholesome ruggedness, with an underlying sweetness.. Not sure i have the shoulders for that.. or the underlying sweetness.. or being wholesome..

    Jammy dodger, a cheeky scamp of a biscuit, a lovable rogue.. yet, going by my life and my luck, i'm not very "jammy"..
    ..Mind you come to think of it neither is a jammy dodger these days.

    The Boubon cream, Simplicity itself, quietly satisfying and subtle.. Reliable and trustworthy. You know where you stand with a Bourbon cream.
    Probably blown that one out of the water already too..

    I don't think i'm any one particular biscuit, I am merely what ever biscuit needed at that moment in time.. A people's biscuit, an everybiscuit..

    And failing that, just the broken pieces and dusty crumbs left in the bottom of the tub.

  17. Ah, Biscuit, you've just written a treatise of biscuits that can stand beside the best of them in annals of time.

    I never said which biscuit I thought you were but I now declare that you're clearly a dark chocolate digestive, perfect for my mid-afternoon cup of coffee, though with a hint of mystery as to what lies ahead.

  18. Im thinking more a Wagon Wheel now - or maybe the is it / isn't it a biscuit Jaffa Cake