Friday, 6 March 2015

A Cartoon Not Fit For Anywhere Else

Going through my folder of the cartoons I've drawn in the last fortnight I'm removing all the chaff. This is chaff. I like the idea. I don't like the execution, though, in truth, I probably haven't even finished it. It was probably something I drew quickly thinking I'd go back and draw it properly. However, it's not worth throwing any time into it. It's the kind of cartoon I like drawing but no bugger would ever think to buy.


  1. Mr Pooter has doubts about his son's paternity?

  2. Ah, you're being kind but that you. It's okay but hardly worth making better.

  3. If only you knew... At the last moment, I took out the line I originally had there and replaced it with this one which is *much* gentler. I probably should have stuck with my original expletives. ;)