Thursday, 5 March 2015

A Forced Blogpost

I'm finding it hard to muster the enthusiasm to blog, though the writing comes easy. Yesterday I wrote a longish essay about the politics of caricature which is so long that I haven't the time to polish it and get my words just right. Yet it's not just time I lack. I have two cartoons I've drawn but can't find the enthusiasm to frame, caption and post. It's incentive I'm missing. I sometimes feel like if I got hit by a bus, the blog would continue on for one month before my webhost would delete it. And it and I would pass into oblivion with barely anybody noticing. I see the traffic arrive for people wanting tips of pen cleaning or Unity programming or 'how to submit cartoons to Private Eye'. But they all pass by, my advice given but rarely a 'thank you' or 'have a nice day' left. It's the way of the world, they say, but it's not the way of my world.

Yep. Feeling a bit sorry for myself today. Feel like I need a bit of a boost. A little bit of luck. Some damn feedback for all my efforts.

I spent yesterday converting my Gag Machine for Mac OSX. I expected the conversion process to be hell but was pleasantly surprised at how easy that was. I was also surprised how much of it I could do on my PC before I had to take it to the Mac given that I've only got very limited access to one of those Supreme Beings.

It's all done via the beauty of Mono, which if you're technically minded is a development framework which mimics the operation of Microsoft's .Net framework but under the Mac operating system. If you're not technically minded, it's just powerful mojo that makes magic happen. The result is a programme that looks fairly close to the Windows version and has all the same functionality. I might put it live today. I might not. I don't suppose it really matters.


  1. I read your blog quite regularly and have done since the Richard Madely Appreciation Society days but haven't commented before. Thanks for all the entertainment you've given me over the years, it IS appreciated and I'll make an effort to comment in future.

  2. Thanks Stephen. It's funny, sad, and probably lamentable how much I like, seek, welcome, and utterly need comments. It's good of you to leave one and good to know that somebody has been reading my nonsense all these years. Surely it can't be good for a man.

    My spirits are a little higher today. Yesterday was just one of those days when nothing went right from the moment I fell out of bed. ;)