Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Api fun...

Slightly absent, today. I've been racking up the hours programming the eBay API with the result after about four days that I can now create listings. Given that this work was meant to be a little project to help our a friend, it's become something else. I really need to stop allowing my enthusiasm to take over. I've not had chance to write or draw properly since my slightly overlong critique of Chester. I don't have time to write now. I'm using my Samsung Note with an Apple Wireless keyboard, which I thought would make a great laptop replacment allowing me to blog tonight. However, I've just discovered why I didn't do this before. The Note seems to have a bug with its Bluetooth which means it keeps disconnecting the keyboard every minute or two... That wouldn't be to... Long pause as the keyboard reconnects... too bad if I could anticipate the disconnections but I can and it's already driving me mad.

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