Monday, 2 March 2015

The Same Old

I leapt out of bed this morning. New day. New week. A new month. New resolutions and a new determination to 'do something'. That 'something' was to submit some cartoons I've been drawing over the last week or so. I had a 'good lead' in the form of an email address. So, I'd specifically drawn cartoons that would appeal to my lead. What can I say? It was the right market for these cartoons and I've been focused on doing the best I could.

So, this morning: final clean up on the cartoons. Nicely captioned. Then packed into a PDF. Email written. Just about to paste the email address into the bar and I thought... Better just check that the email is still current. So I did a quick check.

The person no longer works for the publication.


So, I began to search for their successor. After about half an hour, I made the breakthrough and I had their name. A new name for the old job of cartoon editor. However, despite another hour long search, I could not find a single email address. So, as it stands, I have five really nice cartoons into which I've poured my body and soul, yet I don't have a place to send them.

All that talk about 'newness' suddenly feels so dumb. I'm stuck back in the old rut where my enthusiasms quickly run dry.

On a more positive note: I mean to blog more this week but, today, I'll be running around doing about a dozen jobs.

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  1. David-

    Drop me a line and maybe I can help you with the contact,