Saturday, 19 March 2011

Comic Relief Over For Another Year

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  1. :) brilliant!

    Even more apt if u did a Lenny Henry one and said "comic relief over for another year and Lenny still isn't funny"

  2. Argh! You've ruined my next cartoon. I was going to be Lenny Henry packed away in his crate for another year.

    I sometimes can't decided if I just hate Comic Relief or only hate Comic Relief because of Lenny Henry. A question for the ages, I think...

  3. It's *** full stop. The message is ***. The people who do it are ****.

    Yes people are starving in Africa. We know that. We don't need a fat Lenny Henry crying to tell us that, or David ******* tenant telling people that if they watch comic relief but don't donate then they are *****.

  4. There's not a word of that I would disagree with but I just hate boring people trying to be funny for one day of the year when they look at me strangely the rest of the year for being a bit of a clown.

  5. Lenny Henry just doesn't even try to be funny. He wobbles his head from left to right and regurgitates jokes I heard on the playground 25 years ago.