Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Lady Gaga Promotes Clean Vegetables and Nipple Awareness

[singlepic id=47 w=600 h=450 float=center]

No, I don't understand it either...


  1. Much more attractive than the real Gaga if you ask me. As for the crocodilenclips.., you should market those!,

  2. Careful. Don't want the animal rights people to come after me. They're 'baby' crocodile clips.

    As for Lady Gaga, in the course of researching this cartoon I listened to one of her songs. First time. Last time.

  3. Ooooooh. Which one? Do tell...

  4. This one. I hate that synth-voice. I hate the desperately trying to shock video which is completely unaware of its own pretentiousness. And I really hate the way she acts to camera...

  5. LMFAO @ the colander on her head. You can't get cleaner than that. Kenny Everett, for whom Barry Cryer once wrote, had her and her ilk to a tee with Cupid Stunt.

    Nice blog. I've put you in my blogroll, not that that's worth a damn (no one reads my rubbish, at least I hope they don't).

  6. Never one to watch Everett much. I was a bit too young, I think, and whatever memory of him I have has been ruined by Michael MacIntye... I think I'd probably agree with you about his characterisation of the Jordans of the world...

    Thanks for the add. I've reciprocated it here and elsewhere. Your blog certainly helps me get my daily fill of classic satire. :)