Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Uncle Balls And His Best Friend Ed

[singlepic id=9 w=600 h=450 float=none]



  1. Ooooh. When you had a link to Story - I assumed your picture had been printed in the guardian (which, incidentally, doesn't have an iPad app)

  2. Spot on, love this. Couple of twats

  3. Ah, Zebra, your love for you iPad is touching. And I'm delighted you visited the blog. I thought you'd be playing Angry Birds HD for at least a week.

    David, as ever, thank you for your penetrating political analysis. ;o)

  4. Am am playing Angry Birds HD - but its very easy to flick between two things on this iPad.

    I recommend you get one this instant.

  5. Damn you, Zebra! Damn you and all your yellow pointy sparrows.

  6. Aaah. Glad to see the subscribe button up there - I shall register this instant.

    Hope its set to send an email out every time there is a new cartoon?

    PS: This iPad rocks. even better that it jailbroke straight out of the box.

    pps: you may wish to edit this comment for quality and training purposes.

    ppps: all comments are recorded for quality and training purposes.

    pppps: United 2 - 4 Marseilles.

  7. [Man sobs into his sleeve. Feels for his credit card and then remembers that he cut it up. No, he remembers that the bank cut it up. And they cut up his sleeve too...]

    Damn you Zebra.

  8. Ha ha.
    Have you put the text into your posts like I suggested yet?