Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Hilarious Budget-Day Cartoon

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Here you go. I admit I’ll be the only person who finds this cartoon funny. But that’s just the nature of this blog. Sometimes I draw cartoons with which I intend to amuse you. Sometimes I post things that I know only tickle me. And I accept: unless you’re as hopeless in life as Yours Truly, you probably didn’t spent this beautiful spring afternoon sitting watching George Osborne rattle off economic figures so you could depict it in humorous terms later in the day. A one penny cut in fuel tax doesn’t excite me in the least. I don’t own a car and have no plans to invade an oil-rich Middle Eastern nation in the next year, though I am thinking of taking Saudi Arabia by force but not until 2014.

So, there you have it: the cartoon which only I find funny.

But don’t go away thinking this has been a pointless exercise. There is an important lesson in all of this. Work hard at school and get yourself a good job in the private sector, possibly involving spread-sheets and a young secretary whose very existence excites you every time she bends over to take out the Standish  accounts from the bottom of the filing cabinet… You won’t thank me now but you’ll certainly thank me later, or, at least, you will once you have settled with the young secretary out of court regarding her sexual harassment case which she now agrees was an innocent misunderstanding about the tendency of Ryvita crumbs to gather in your crotch of your pants.


  1. I laughed. Feel that way every Budget, as I have to write about it.

  2. Then this year I expect your task was harder than most. I mean: what on earth did you find in that to write about?