Monday, 14 March 2011

Outrage As Harry Potter Star Poses Naked For Women's Magazine (NSFW)

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Harry Potter star, Dobby (2’ 3”) revealed a different side to his nature as he relaxed in the shower for our photographer recently. ‘People think of me as the uptight house elf,’ he confessed as he lathered himself for the cameras. ‘But the truth is that I’m a free-living bachelor who likes nothing more than bringing a lady fan back to my penthouse apartment and introducing her to my wide range of aromatic oils and body rubs.’

He confessed that work has been hard to come by since he finished filming the last Harry Potter but he admits that is looking forward to working in independent films. ‘I’ve had the blockbuster experience,’ he said, ‘but I now seek more of a challenge. I’d love to work for a filmmaker like Lars Von Trier, perhaps going back to my North European roots by frolicking naked with a badger and a couple of hedgehogs.’

Asked if he’d be happy to pose naked on film, Dobby remains open-minded. ‘I’m not ashamed of my body and if the role called for it, I’d be happy to appear nude. However, I don’t agree with gratuitous nudity just for the sake of it. I think that actors sometimes forget that they are role models and should behave accordingly.’

Out of the shower, Dobby later posed for another 187 hot and explicit photos, the best of which, including those of him wearing his notorious ice clogs, you can see in our picture exclusive. Asked if he wanted to send a message out to our readers, Dobby said: ‘remember to be true to yourself and compromise your beliefs for short-term monetary gain.’


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