Monday, 11 June 2012

Buddhist Gag


Didn’t know if I should go with the word ‘buddhist’ in this cartoon. Does it make the meaning too obvious? Is it even a cartoon or merely a doodle? I don’t seem to know anything this morning. Russell Brand is apparently going to help the Dalai Lama spread the message of Buddhism (as long as the message contains ‘bollocks’ and ‘shit’, I suppose it will work out in the end) and James Corden has now won a Tony award. After my previous post, this makes me wonder again what’s funny. I confess that Brand can be funny, just monstrously irritating at the same time. Corden, however, is the anti-Hicks, the anathema to everything that exists in my comedy universe. Frankie Boyle put it well this morning when he tweeted: ‘James Corden: the white Lenny Henry’.

I’ve only just discovered that Corden had a huge spat with Patrick Stewart, which raises Stewart intimately in my opinion. Sadly, Stewart has never won a Tony, which perhaps says it all...

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