Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Things I Discovered Yesterday

  • Hedgehogs, though slow moving, can be known to leap suicidally into the path of cyclists who must veer dangerously of the way to avoid them.

  • Veering dangerously out of the way of suicidal hedgehogs has a tendency to make cyclists fall of their bikes.

  • The ground is hard when hit wrist first from the back of a moving bicycle.

  • Drawing is difficult when you’ve sprained your wrist.

  • Mentholated ‘cooling’ balm provides excellent relief on said wrist, less good when you fail to wash your hands adequately and accidentally deposit aforementioned balm on your foreskin.

  • Alan Partridge isn’t always funny, especially when dragged out into a 40 minute pseudo-documentary which even the most ardent fan of the Partridge found himself willing it to be over.

  • It’s hard not to prejudge a sharply dressed bald meathead in the bank with the name Giselle tattooed vertically down the side of his bestial neck and loudly depositing £4000 into his account. He might not be a gangster. He might be a hairdresser.

  • I hate tennis and I don’t give a stuff if Andy Murray wins.

  • We are governed by a privileged elite who wouldn’t know the common touch if it was the size of a badly sprained wrist applied anally and smeared with a mentholated ‘cooling’ balm.

Today, I am going to attempt to draw but my wrist bloody hurts… The animation is coming along, though I was to put some effort in to tidying up some of the weaker drawings. This animation is for a competition, so I really don't want it to have any noticeable weaknesses, other than my horrible voice acting.



  1. Ha ha. You got hedgehogged!
    And agree - Partridge was pants the other day.

  2. Thank God I'm not the only one who thought that. Just read another glowing review on The Guardian, which makes no sense. Thought it pretty woeful except for the odd bright spot. Felt more like a series of ads he'd done for East Anglia tourist board but edited together.

    Now off to the Urban Dictionary to discover what 'been hedgehogged' really means. ;)

  3. Yeah, it was exactly as you described it. I even went out for 10 minutes on my bike for the first time in 7 months it was that crap.

    Shame really too, as was looking forward to it.

  4. Well, at least one good thing came out of it being crap.

    I had big hopes for the Partridge movie but, after the other night, I'm now just hoping to be surprised. At least it won't sound ad-libbed...