Saturday, 23 June 2012

Munro: The Angry Baby

Even if my animations aren’t getting better (though I hope they are), I’m definitely speeding up. This one is the product of about a day’s work. It’s also pretty heavy on the profanities, so an advanced warning/apology is probably needed. I simply wanted to try something a little more ‘ranty’.

Oddly, I think I’m most proud of the opening, which I cobbled together in After Effects. For once, I didn’t spent my hours following tutorials but worked it out for myself. I took some null objects, which were parented with the letters and lines, animated them around the Y axis by various amounts. The only problem I had was getting the letters to all line up at the end, a problem I solved by animating the whole thing in reverse (meaning I had to make the dust drift up by reversing the gravity). Then I played it backwards at the video editing stage. I think I remembered a Buster Keaton movie (it might even be Chaplin) where they had to make a train stop on a mark, so they filmed the whole scene backwards. Why am I telling you all this? No reason other than I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

I’ve been back blogging full time here for a few weeks and I know there are people visiting. So, please, tell me what you think about the swearing. Too much? Not enough? I’m tempted to make a second Munro film, not least because so much of the hard work is done. The advantage of animating using these so-called ‘cut outs’ is that I can reuse them again. Well, that’s one reason for doing another. The other reason is that I enjoy a good rant, which perhaps makes Munro the closest I’ve ever come to animating a version of myself. It’s a very frightening thought…


  1. I prefer the Father Ted stand in - 'feck'..the F word is implied,and I think its funnier - overuse of 'fuck' can dilute both the bile and comedy,and can distract from the rant..just my opinion.Loving your static cartoons - the supercharged toaster is funny - although maybe she should be staring wide-eyed at the audience a la oliver hardy - she looks like a corpse as she is now..but its your creation..I'm just a northern git.

  2. Well, as you can possibly detect in my accent, I'm also a northern git (born and raised). Oddly, I rarely hear 'feck' used except by Irish friends but, then, I'm not exactly big on swearing and agree with you. I usually hate it in comedy but I wanted to create something properly bilious with a touch of the Derek and Clive about it. Next time, I'll use feck and be more creative. This really is all experimental for me...

    And delighted you like the cartoons. With this bit of encouragement, I'll now go and draw more. Yes, she doesn't look right but that toaster cartoon was so very rushed. This new animation has been taking all my time. ;)