Tuesday, 26 June 2012



Not a great cartoon but I'm unbelievably busy with the animation. Also, I have so many grumbles this morning, it’s impossible to believe that I got up in a good mood.

First of all, I’m annoyed with myself for missing the Alan Partridge special last night. If the reviews are to believed, I missed something special. Secondly, I’ve got to do some voice work this morning, voicing two parts for the new animation, which means twice as much hell to get through, trying to make my voice fit the parts and try not to sound like I’m reading the Biggleswade telephone directory. Is it true of all people that you never think you have an accent until you hear your voice played back to yourself. I sound like I’m an extra direct from the new episode of Wallace and Gromit. Johnny Vegas and Peter Kay are both from these parts and I sound like a slightly nasal version of their less confident brother.

However, before all that, I have to get to an art shop… I've almost run out of ink.




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