Thursday, 29 August 2013

A Meat Cartoon

Speciality Meats

So today’s cartoon makes little sense but I like it. I doodled it watching Curb Your Enthusiasm late last night, so my humour was probably set to full twisted. Meat products must have also been on my mind, perhaps because yesterday was Baconface’s birthday. I don’t use Facebook, detest Facebook, and wish I’d never opened any of my Facebook accounts. Yet I went on Facebook to wish him a happy birthday on such a special yet arbitrarily chosen day. My main purpose was to see if I could prompt that bugger into bringing his lumberjack wit to the rest of the UK. It won’t happen any more than my Sparks strips brought them back to Manchester. However, you’ll never know if you don’t ask…

My other purpose was to make the point that I think I’m owed some free bacon since he used my cartoon on his website. It’s ironic that certain other comedians loudly complain that their fans are downloading their shows from torrent sites. That might be true but they never once took a cartoon from a blog and didn’t even provide a backlink. I think it must be a Canadian thing, like hoary marmots and the four string Yukon banjo (aka the Yokonlele).

Okay. Time for a bike ride and then this afternoon I’ll start something new. It’s a shame that Baconface's shows have come to an end. His strips are actually the most fun to draw simply because I do them purely to amuse myself and as a technical exercise. But perhaps all good things must early end. His mask was getting smaller and his bacon less artfully arranged. It’s harder to draw random bacon and, had he toured, the next strip might have tested my limited skills to breaking point.

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