Friday, 2 August 2013

Sorry About The Comic Strips...

It seems ironic that just a couple of days ago I talked about wanting more readers not visitors only for me to then posts two football comic strips which have attracted plenty of the latter and no doubt dissuaded the former from ever reading my blog again.

Even if each strip has generated ten times my usual visitors, the last two days have given me very little satisfaction. I doubt if a single one of those visitors has or will ever come back. There’s been no secondary uptake for the cartoons. No links from Facebook or Twitter. No links from blogs or forums. Nothing! I interpret that as a woeful failure. Nobody thought them good enough to pass on. They weren’t even worth a single retweet! It’s depressing.

Yet perhaps that’s what the strips are worth and reflect the fact that I drew them as an academic exercise.

I guess it was pretty dumb of me to agree to draw some football strips for the coming season before I knew whether I could draw David Moyes. I had no quick shorthand caricature of the new United boss and these strips (and another I’m working on), were an experiment before the season kicks off. Not that the traffic has given me much sense that it’s been a successful experiment. In fact, it’s been quite the opposite! Factor in the news that, two minutes ago, Private Eye rejected my traffic cone cartoon and you’ll understand why I sit here scratching my head. When I drew it two days ago, I genuinely thought the traffic cone cartoon the best gag I’d ever drawn. I still think it is but I’m now beginning to doubt my own judgement about these things. But then I was also quite pleased with the two comic strips. Perhaps my humour is too weird, too warped, too obvious, too bland, or simply not funny enough. Perhaps I can’t draw well enough. I don’t know. I’m just as confused as ever. Guess I’ll just keep plugging away on diminishing faith, fuel, and bottles of ice cold Pepsi.


  1. I don't do sport at all... not even on my own site....

  2. I quite liked the Fergiestein, even though I don't do football or indeed anything at all involving moving fast.

    Keep 'em coming. I'll be back. I don't say much but I'm always watching... watching... watching...

    Usually from behind the sofa. I would hide under your bed but there's a monster under there.

    I think the scary story inspirations might be returning, you know.

  3. LOL. Sometimes I wonder why I bother with sport at all... It's probably wise to save yourself the misery.

  4. There seems to be a surprising number of non-sporty people. I'm not one myself, though I don't mind watching football and the occasional bit of cricket. But if I've in any way inspired you to get back to writing your dark tales, then at least there's been one positive to come out of this whole sorry episode. ;)