Monday, 19 August 2013


I didn’t manage a post yesterday and I’m late today, meaning a slight blog silence has inadvertently descended.

It’s just been a very busy couple of days. I worked late into the night on a two page comic strip which is nearing completion and I hope to post tomorrow, plus today I heeled my aging Doc Martens around Manchester University’s bookshop. It’s been a few years since I found myself in a proper academic bookshop and I’d forgotten how much I miss them. It also had a graphic novel section that would put many a Forbidden Planet to shame, by which I mean it was light on the crappy superhero comics but with plenty of strange independent writers and artists I’d never seen before. I’ve also never seen The Comic Journal in stock in a high street shop before, though, as usual with those doorstep thick volumes, well beyond my budget.

Anyway, I left feeling inspired with new ideas, plus grasping a copy of Martin Rowson’s ‘Gulliver’s Travel’, which I’ve been eager (perhaps even desperate) to own since I saw the original artwork on display at The Cartoon Museum in London. I’ve not even opened it yet because I want to soak in every millimetre of Rowson’s genius when I'm less tired.


I then walked down to Deansgate where I had a mooch around Waterstones before my train. For anybody interested in graphic novels and books of illustration, there are a few bargains going cheap(ish) in their ‘Last Chance to Buy’ sale. I really couldn’t afford most of the books that caught my eye such as ‘The Art of Tony Millionaire’. However, for not much more than I'd pay for a drink and pastie from Greggs, I snagged a copy of Drew Friedman’s ‘Too Soon?’ which actually made me gasp and mutter ‘holy shit’ when I saw it. I always search for Drew Friedman books when I’m shopping but I’ve never before seen one. How this copy ended up in the bargain bin of Manchester's Waterstones is beyond my understanding, let alone how anybody can ask a quarter of the published price for such a great book. The world has clearly gone mad.

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