Monday, 8 December 2014

A Rejected Christmas Cartoon

This cartoon was also rejected with the batch I posted a couple of days ago but, for some reason, I hadn't included it in that post. I think the reason I didn't include it is because I actually love this cartoon. It's thankfully not that rare that a cartoon I draw makes me laugh out loud but those that do produce a guffaw can instantly become a favourite. I also think this is one where I got the style I wanted and the humour is precisely my own. Yet I begin to suspect that's my problem. I wonder if my humour isn't mainstream enough. Maybe it's just not sophisticated enough or even (a horrible thought) suitably middle class. I just don't know except I guess this cartoon requires a certain dark outlook on life. It doesn't 'read' funny. I doubt if there's even a gag. It's just about the juxtaposition of something banal against something quite evil and that, in my book at least, is always good for fun.


  1. Thanks Barman. That's two of us. Now if we could only get you into a position where you could use your excellent taste to accept my cartoons for publication. ;)

  2. Make it three.

  3. Ah, thank you. Three is a good number. It means something is no longer a coincidence. ;)