Thursday, 4 December 2014

The First Noel

I'm in a flat mood today and I'm really in no mood to blog or to write or to draw or to work on anything. I'm just utterly fed up and it's entirely on account of Guardian readers and everything I discussed yesterday. So, to cheer myself up and hopefully bring a little joy to you lives, here's the lovely Elizabeth McGovern singing the First Noel. In no sense am I posting this in an ironic way. The lovely McGovern has a wonderful voice which is in no way off key by at least half a semitone. If you cringe, it's because you have darkness in your souls and I just pity you. Yes, that's right. I PITY YOU!

I just wish I had video of her performance on Sky Arts last night. She was singing in the window of a shop as part of the channel's Advent Calendar. It was a thing of beauty and made me cry it felt so festive and joyful and slightly stingy on the ears. But you people out there with darkness in your souls, you probably scorn such heartfelt sentiments. And that's another reason why I PITY YOU! PITY YOU!

Stop being be negative! You should enjoy this wonderful music and then head over to The Guardian and upvote some easily made Photoshopped satire of George Osborne's face transplanted onto a baboon's arse for that is true satire.

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