Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Richard Desmond Launches New Adult Magazine

And UKIP have my permission to use as their Christmas card...


  1. […] Last night’s doodle took me, perhaps, the best part of four or five hours to draw and is therefore probably no longer a doodle. It started around 7.30pm. I was feeling tired and just wanting to play around with the proportions of Nigel Farage’s head. His head is something I want to master drawing and this wasn’t meant to be a finished cartoon. However, around 9pm I saw that the story of Farage’s meetings with Desmond and the head quickly became a body. I wanted to draw it in the spirit of those horrible porn mags that were once passed around the schoolyard as though they were the high watermark of erotica; the kind of thing that had ugly women hanging their sagging boobs out of the back of a Ford Cortina. However, try as I might, I couldn’t get Nigel to look quite that tawdry as that so I just reduced him to an ugly set of genitals. Looking back, I should have left his socks on. […]

  2. Brilliant Farage there sir - though I find the image more disturbing than the old Babs head / young Babs body picture......

  3. Ah, thank you! I needed a bit of positive feedback this morning. I posted this cartoon over at The Guardian (they were asking for political Christmas cards) and the last time I looked, I was lagging back in last place, behind some crap Photoshopping efforts. Sometimes I think I should never have stopped Photoshopping and it's been a wasted three years! ;)