Monday, 27 April 2015

Clogged Nozzles

No cartoon today. No writing either. My mojo is gone. It happens occasionally and the causes are usually the same: a mixture of real world intrusions and the old lack of enthusiasm. I'm also worried  why the hell the blog is getting hits from inside Maplin HQ on my Maplin catalogue post. I guess I can I expect letters/emails from solicitors telling me to take it down... They wouldn't be the first.

Today I have paperwork to do. I hate doing paperwork and have been putting it off. I'm also feeling very indifferent about my work. I might turn my attention away from the blog and cartoons and podcasts. None of them seem to do me any good. I've dusted off the manuscript to a half-written book which I've been thinking about finishing. I reread the opening last night and I thought it still the best thing I've ever written. If I can capture the fire I had when I wrote that first half, I think a week or two of solid focus and I might be able to push it towards the 60 or even 70 thousand work mark. I don't know. Perhaps thinking that is simply another way of avoiding this pile of paperwork.

I hate paperwork. Paperwork is usually a way for the system to remind you about the scale of your failure. It also makes you turn on a printer you've not used in months and I now find that most of my nozzles are clogged. I hate clogged nozzles almost as much as I hate the paperwork I expect them to print. It's probably going to be a day of clogged nozzles in one form or another.



  1. I think it's more likely that word has spread at Maplin HQ that someone's been taking the mick out of their catalogue and they've been coming to have a giggle.

  2. Ah, slightly more relaxed now there's been about 100 hits from inside Maplin HQ. Usually when lawyers get involved, they don't give you that much warning. Hope they enjoy reading it. Always one of my favourite things but never had much traffic until now.