Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Spine Election Podcast - Episode 6

After a long week and a few delays due to my being off on various jaunts, I've finally edited together the latest podcast. I'd like to thank  Bella Sassin who lent a real touch of professionalism to this production. Her acting makes me sound like the slow guy who hangs around the village well in eighteenth century novels set in Ireland.


  1. Excellent, your best podcast so far. You really are getting to grips with the medium.

  2. I'm giving all credit for the improvement to Bella. Glad you liked it, though. Glad also that you listened, so thank you! I post them and never look back so, as far as I know, they never break into double figures. Now my paperwork is finished, I might yet record another to cover the last few days of election stupidity.