Wednesday, 29 April 2015

This sodding world...

Hubris hit me hard today.

ToryAd It happened because I was quite pleased with my Tory election campaign poster cartoon (right). Pride is always a foolish place to begin. Pride cometh before the fall. Or in this case, before a crushing sense of reality.

I'd finished the cartoon and I'd posted, cross posted it, Tweeted it, sent it various places where cartoons are sometimes published. In other words, I did everything I usually do and then a little bit more because I'd put more effort than normal into the cartoon.

And the result of my efforts was worse than nothing. My actions managed to dry up visitors to the blog. Traffic nosedived. The places I sent the cartoon completely ignored it. Twitter ignored it.

It's a horrible feeling. Truly horrible. It's like contributing to a debate and the other participants completely ignoring your contribution, preferring to waffle on about something you think far less interesting. It's frustrating, I guess, because people seem to want Photoshopped images of Nick Clegg wearing testicles for earrings.

I'm lost. Utterly lost.

I'm going for a bike ride to clear my head. I'd been looking forward to today. It's the Microsoft Build conference and rumours are that Microsoft might release details of their new Surface Pro 4. It was going to be my next 'David has a dream machine he can't afford but will happily spent the next year gazing at it in PC World'. Days like today make me wonder why I'd ever need one. I should go back to Photoshopping my cartoons and reclaiming two hours of my life every day from the effort of drawing. Or I should quit completely. I mean: if the world doesn't want cartoons, why the hell draw them?


  1. 'tis a good cartoon, though, so don't be too glum.

  2. Thanks RR. Bit too late not to be glum. Deeply glum. But your comment made me smile. ;)

  3. There are lots of things the world no longer seems to want or need and intelligent content is just one. Don't despair David. Some of us still appreciate such things.
    And that cartoon is definitely one of the best. That's the best, not just your best.

  4. Thanks, as always, Nathan. Your comment cheered me up in the dark hours last night. Sometimes it's harder than normal to keep raging at the dying of the light. ;)