Wednesday, 22 April 2015

One of those posts, more like a diary entry...

Not stopped today except to type this and even this can hardly be called stopping.

The day didn't begin well when the fire alarm woke me at 7am. It sounded for about four seconds before it fell silent. Yet in the four seconds, I'd jumped out of bed and stood there like a startled rabbit whose brain couldn't understand the beams of the oncoming lorry.

I'm not sure why fire alarms are quite so loud. Ours is wired into the mains, so it has plenty of juice to produce its ear breaking scream. I'm certain it's not good for the health and I'm also sure that it serves no real purpose. If it had been slightly quieter, I might have had the capacity to think rationally and escape the building. As it was, I was more concerned with the noise that I was with any potential fire. I couldn't have been more disarmed if a SWAT team had just lobbed stun grenades through the window. I was ready to 'assume the position' and tell them everything they wanted to know.

I'm also completely uncertain why it went off for four seconds. I suspect it was to mark the execution of some bug that had crawled across its circuitry and fried in a small but loud puff of the divine soul. Of course, the fact it did go off without reason, now makes me nervous that the same will happen again. Maybe it's linked to that fact that we're now in the season of the bug.

The rest of the day has been consumed with what are euphemistically called 'jobs' but in real life amount to those terrible routines we're all locked into once it hits spring. I even mowed a lawn, which is among my least favourite of chores on account of the fact that mowing a lawn for the first time in the year encourages the bloody lawn to grow even quicker. This will now turn into a fortnightly routine which my good conscience won't allow me to stretch to once a month. Then I fixed things that I'd been putting off fixing for the entirety of winter. Naturally, this involve a quality of blood lost from my right index finger. Then there was programming, web fixes. And amid all that, posting today's cartoon which has earned me about two hits. Well worth the effort...

Anyway, my next podcast is nearly finished. I've recorded my part and I'm delighted to say that I've found an extremely able volunteer who has agreed to voice a second part and highlight how badly I act. Hopefully it will be edited together sometime in the coming days. I think it's one of the best yet but who am I to judge these things?

Head down. Keep going.

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