Thursday, 4 July 2013

Annie Hall 3D

Annie Hall

Arriving at my desk late this morning. Difficult days grew more difficult with sickness in the family, meaning that I’m being pulling in all directions. However, I keep my head down and try to press on. Little chance to do very much yesterday. Andy Murray was partially to blame but today has been equally hectic with distracting trips to pick up prescriptions and the rest. Not heard from the places I wrote to regarding the various jobs and freelancing opportunities. My comic 1000 words written for some start-up magazine clearly were a wasted 1000 words but I’ll wait until next week before I post them here.

My seventh (seven already!) Sparks strip is now partially inked. Once I’ve finished working on the main lines, it will be a few hours of cross hatching, then it’s lettering on the PC and final clean up. Hope to get most of that done today to post tomorrow but life seems determined to throw obstacles in my path at every opportunity. I must have been a tyrant mercilessly putting my foes to the sword in a previous life because, in this one, I'm having zero luck!

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