Saturday, 6 July 2013

Steadman @ Steadman @ 77

Sitting in the Nero at Euston Station waiting for my train home. A short visit to London but as exhausting as it was amazingly lucky. Of all the days I could have visited the Cartoon Museum, I chose the day that Ralph Steadman was actually doing a signing.

I was shocked when I arrived and spotted the back of a man (black waistcoat) who I immediately recognised as the great man himself. Originally not planning on buying anything, I quickly bought a copy of the exhibition programme and a copy of Alice. I was sixth in line and managed to exchange a few words plus get two books signed. I'm in a bit of a daze. I have no better photographs of my meeting Steadman. Nobody was taking photos except some official snapper. Besides, I was barely able to hold myself together. First time I've met a hero.

I wish I could say I was at my sparkling best but probably a mixture of nerves and my accent meant that he probably didn't understand half of what I said.

When I'm home, I'll post more pictures and write something about the actual exhibition. My back and ankles are killing and the heat is too much. Have to dash for my train.

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