Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Day 2

Don't worry. I probably won't have the focus to maintain these updates about my attempts to escape penury. Today I've been looking into freelancing opportunities. There are plenty of freelance writing jobs out there, just very few which have a broad enough remit that I might actually want to write about something that interests me and would permit me to be funny. Many of these ‘opportunities’ are demands for 1500 words articles, ten times a week, about electronic cigarettes, for which I’d be paid a cent a word. I can’t think of many things I’d be less motivated to write about.

So, I’m currently hammering my way through an article about computer games and I’ve also had a few messages from people who have enjoyed the Sparks strips. I’m now hard at work on Episodes 6 and 7. They should appear in a few days if I can maintain my concentration levels whilst also sending my CV hither and yon.


  1. Have you come across elance.com? Haven't done anything with it since signing up myself but it has possibilities. One day there might be a job on there that interests me.


  2. Seen it a while ago but never used it, perhaps because of my not wanting to stick my ugly mug on the internet. I also lack that touch of 'I'm a professional and look very intent with my eyebrows angled thusly' that you seem to get with people on those websites.

    I will take a look at it today and set up an account (though without mugshot).