Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Real Things People Say Sitting When Outside Wilko: A Work-in-Progress

This is the first time I've ever posted a work-in-progress but the four pages of this strip have turned into such a struggle to finish that I thought I'd give myself a small sense of accomplishment by putting the first two pages (or one A3 sized page) out there.

With this strip, I wanted to draw something funny yet based on real things I've seen or heard. I suppose I hoped by making this about my real life I might imbue the comedy with more relevance than my usual nonsense. I certainly spend too much time locking my bike up outside the local Wilko, so I get to hear snatches of gossip more entertaining taken in isolation than they would be in the context of the original conversation. I would say that the people are based on real people I see but my drawing skills are really to meagre to probably capture the twisted details of those very strange beasts.

Of course, it now strikes me that perhaps not everybody in the UK knows about Wilko or the kind of people who sit outside for hours on end. Perhaps it's a unique situation never repeated in the rest of the country or, for that matter, unique in the entire universe. Super beings probably cross millions of light years to witness such a spectacle, which is why I should probably carry on drawing page 2. It might be the thing I can finally submit to the competition I've been eyeing for the past few weeks.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="613"]Wilko Click to enlarge[/caption]

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