Friday, 5 July 2013


Fate continues to test me. It looked at first like I’d found some good luck. I’ve been given a return ticket to London for tomorrow. A friend had been intending to travel for a conference but now won’t be using it. That means I can get to London on the train within two hours. The Cartoon Museum is a good but walkable stride from Euston and the Ralph Steadman exhibition is still on. However, with sickness in the family, I don’t think I can use it. I’ll have another day to decide but it’s hard to see my being able to go. My bad luck continues to defy logic or reason.

I’ve also never known internet traffic to dry up at is did yesterday, continuing into this morning. It almost makes me almost thankful that I’ve got nothing exciting to post except the previous old cartoon. Perhaps Google have changed their search algorithm or Sparks fans have just decided that they’ve had enough cartoon strips. Already today, traffic is about a quarter of what I’d usually expect. Is it the warm weather? Are the perverts on holiday?

Well, no, that can’t be true. Yesterday I had a visitor looking for ‘English armpit sex stories’ which baffled me. Why English? Are our armpits sexier than the armpits of other nations? The searcher was from the Philippines but the visitors I want to talk always come from the Philippines. It’s Fate again laughing at me as I again have to figure out how to spell ‘Philippines’. Note to self: spend an hour memorising the spelling of Philippines. Come on. How difficult can it be? Philip and two p’s.

No job hunt news. With sickness in the house, I’m too distracted and busy. However, I have started work on something for a competition I’ve decided to enter. I’ve never won a thing in my life so I don’t expect to win anything now but it’s good to have some focus when everything else is dragging me here and there.


  1. Is it 'Celebrity Death Bingo?'

    Sorry I haven't been around - I have been attempting to register a 40 year old Mini that I have just finished restoring.... got past the post this afternoon - 3 years after starting....

  2. Still no avatart... I'll have another look at it.... :(

  3. Oddly enough that isn't the competition I've been thinking about.

    Delighted for you about the mini. You need fireworks to celebrate that kind of achievement. I've always admired your kind; intense resourceful men with oil permanently under their fingertips, who spend hours in sheds making their own bolts. My dad was like that but I completely lack mechanical ability. I wish I could restore a 40 year old Mini but I can barely manage to keep a 10 year old Raleigh running... ;)

  4. If only your knack with 40 year old Minis could transfer to avatars, you'd be laughing! :)

  5. Stats plummeted at my place too. Probably due to it being the first combination of Friday with fine weather. Also I think the schools have just released all their caged beasties into the wild. They do it every year and it takes six weeks to round them all up again. I suppose it gets them some exercise.

    Then comes the summer round of holidays - I'm actually getting one this year too, but only to Wales. I hope to return with all my organs intact.

  6. So glad you said that. It's been a long time since I've seen such a bad fall in traffic. Of course, the fact that most of my traffic comes from your blog explains why the decline is so severe.

    Six weeks of this would be hell, though I can't believe it's lined to schools. I was sure it's a few weeks away from breaking up!

    Anyway, lets prey for rainy weather if we're not already and I already am.

    LOL. Holidays? I've not had a holiday since I was a kid, many moons ago. Now I think about it, that was to Wales. Pembrokeshire. Lots of hills and uncomfortable pebble beaches.